Lubricants Industry Directory

The Lubricants Industry Directory is a fully searchable, global online directory of product and service suppliers for the lubricants industry. Advertising is the best way to make your listing more prominent where customers are actively searching throughout the year. Advertisers’ listings appear above non-advertisers in alphabetical order when among search results.

Three ways to advertise:

Home Page

Seven ads appear on the right hand side of the home page in fixed positions. They also circulate among Run-of-Site ads.

Browse by Category

Seven fixed-position ads appear on the right hand side of search results when a user selects from numerous subcategories.

Run of Site

Five random ads from the pool of ads circulating as Run-of-Site, appear to the right of the search results when users conduct a keyword search. Ads re-randomize as the user scrolls.

All advertisers are upgraded to fully enhanced listings including:

  • Company name in large, bold type
  • Searchable description text (1,000 characters)
  • Ad displays within listing
  • Social Media links
  • Embedded Video
  • Up to four Custom images
  • Up to ten PDF documents

Featured Listings

Enhance your listing further by booking one of three monthly ‘Featured Listing’ spaces. Featured Listings link directly to your enhanced company listing from the Lubricants Industry Directory page. (Directory advertisers and those with Gold or Platinum listings are eligible.)

Contact the advertising team for up-to-date metrics and availability.

Here are the rates & specs

Lubes’n’Greases offers products and services to deliver all of these marketing solutions