Advertising Terms & Conditions

  1. All rates are per insertion, in U.S. dollars, and are based on the advertiser supplying complete electronic files and proofs which meet LNG’s specifications by the published deadlines.
  2. Commission of 15% of gross billing on space, color, meeting distribution sponsorship and insert charges only, is allowed to recognized advertising agencies when paid in 30 days. For Content Marketing projects commission is paid at 15% of the equivalent ad space at the customers agreed rates. Alteration and production charges are not commissionable.
  3. All billings direct to advertiser are at published rates.
  4. Advertisers and advertising agencies jointly are responsible for payment of all monies due and payable to LNG Publishing Company, Inc. Advertisers and advertising agencies are also responsible for paying all fees and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees incurred by LNG Publishing Company, Inc. or LNG’s employees, agents or representatives, to collect amounts that are owed.
  5. Advertising in one LNG publication or product does not count towards frequency in any other LNG publication or product.
  6. Classified ads do not count toward frequency, but will be billed at earned rates.
  7. LNG Publishing Company, Inc. will invoice the agency or advertiser on publication via email. One print checking copy or tear sheet will provided upon request as proof of insertion.
  8. Invoices must be paid within 30 days. Past due invoices are subject to 1.5% per month finance charge.
  9. Delinquent accounts are restricted from further advertising until accounts are paid in full. Interruption in a multiple-insertion agreement due to nonpayment will cause the advertiser to forfeit reduced rates.
  10. LNG Publishing Company, Inc. reserves the right to require full payment in advance of the Ad Close date of the contracted issue.
  11. Advertisers are responsible for reviewing advertisements on first publication. Any error must be reported within 10 business days.
  12. LNG Publishing Company, Inc. is not responsible for missing or garbled text or graphics, or any other errors, in advertisements supplied via electronic media unless the complete electronic files, meeting LNG’s specifications, and full-color (SWOP-approved, ISO 12647 or Fogra 27) proofs are provided by the material due date.
  13. All space reservations must be made by LNG Publishing Company’s letter of agreement. It may be accompanied, but not replaced, by a standard insertion order.
  14. No conditions, printed or otherwise, on the advertiser’s or agency’s insertion order, billing instructions or copy instructions which conflict with LNG Publishing Company’s stated policies will be binding on LNG Publishing Company, Inc.
  15. Advertisers with multiple-insertion agreements are rate protected through December.
  16. Failure to run the required number of ads in a multiple-insertion contract will result in short rating, in accordance with the rate card under which the advertising was run. If an advertiser earns a lower rate by running with greater frequency than originally agreed, a credit will be issued.
  17. For advertisers under multiple-insertion agreements, the previous ad within the same title will be repeated if new artwork is not received by the material due date.
  18. After the closing date, no cancellations or changes in insertion agreements will be accepted.
  19. No cancellations will be accepted of insertions with premium positioning.
  20. In case of cancellations or changes in insertion agreements after the closing date, the advertiser is liable for full payment.
  21. LNG Publishing Company, Inc. reserves the right to refuse advertising. Advertisers and advertising agencies are responsible for the content of all advertisements and for any resulting claims made against LNG Publishing Company, Inc. LNG Publishing Company, Inc. is not liable for costs or damages caused by failure to publish an ad for any reason.