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There are a number of advertising positions available in Lube Report. In each issue the ads appear in the email as well as the newsletter issue page and each individual article page on our website.

Lube Report ads appear on all newsletter issue and article pages viewed during the week booked, whether they are current or archived articles. Ads remain in the email in which they were sent.

Ads also appear within Base Oil Price Report articles on our website during the week that they are booked in Lube Report.

There is a separate single ad position in the ‘Breaking News’ email and article on the website.

Ads can be linked to the web URL of your choice.

Here are the stats for Lube Report and ‘Breaking News’

(Publisher’s own data)

Email Distribution

July 2024

Geographic Location

North America: 47%
Europe: 20%
Asia/Asia Pacific: 17%
Middle East/Africa: 11%
Latin America: 4%

Type of Business

Lube blender/marketer: 44%
End user: 8%
Additive supplier: 8%
Consultant: 8%
Base oil supplier: 7%
Distributor/Trader: 7%
Packaging/equipment: 4%
Testing/recycling: 3%
Other: 12%




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