Ask the Expert

Ask the Expert is a Q&A that is hosted on Companies can sponsor Ask the Expert and provide an expert to answer questions on a topic of their choice.

Ask the Expert allows you to:

• Engage with the global Lubes’n’Greases audience.
• Present your company as a thought leader.
• Find out what the market is thinking about your topic of choice.

Lubes’n’Greases editors work with your expert to moderate the questions and answers and it is live for a calendar month.

Ask the Expert is promoted across all Lubes’n’Greases publications, both print and digital, and website users are encouraged to submit questions as well as read the Q&A.

Once completed sponsors have the option to publish a selection of the questions and answers in a page in Lubes’n’Greases magazine.

For information on pricing and availability please contact the advertising team:

Here is how Ask the Expert works

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